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#4 of 56 hotels in Rotterdam
TripAdvisor Traveller Rating (overall)
Based on 2349 traveller reviews
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Reviewed 3 weeks and 5 days ago

“Top Hotel with fair pricing”

Nothing more to say, next time when I need a hotel I will check where I can find the next citizenM ;)
Very friendly personal, nice bar, nice food, everybody was very helpful. Small rooms but very good optimized that you missed nothing.

Perfect stay even for more than just one night.

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Reviewed 4 weeks and 1 day ago

“My go-to hotel”

Anytime i can, i will go to citizenM.

Especially for the price you will not find a better experience if you are a young eager traveler. The room and room controls are great, the vibe is great, checking in and out is very efficient as you can do all yourself.

The in-room entertainment is fantastic and up-to-date, so is the ability to control almost every aspect of the room itself.
The bed is very comfy, the noise is almost none-existent and if you do need anything the hotel staff are always open and eager to help.

I've been using citizenM for years and will continue to do so.

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Reviewed 09.03.2020

“Rotterdam CitizenM”

Nice hotel with excellent service and perfect beds. All you need at affordable cost. Close to all of Rotterdam amazing architecture and markets. Close to the small harbor and nice walking around in the city.

Reviewed 08.03.2020
Barendrecht, The Netherlands

“Typically CitizenM = awesome!”

A hotel like the other CitizenM’s: modern design, small but functional rooms, high tech controls of room lights, temperature and media, very friendly and helpful staff, and a great location. Price was good.

Would definitely recommend!

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Reviewed 07.03.2020

“Feels like home”

Very modern hotel with a good car park very happy goid staff everyone was friendly the bar area and lounge felt very Homely and comfortable also very good computers to use all staff very helpful and knew everything you asked

Reviewed 04.03.2020
Birmingham, United Kingdom

“Quirky clean central hotel”

The CitizenM brand is fun, reasonably priced and this hotel is in a good location. Very clean rooms with en suite bathrooms, all controlled from an iPad (blinds, curtains, lights, temperature, media etc).

Nice staff - I would recommend this place and will return.

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Reviewed 26.02.2020

“quick, modern, clean, central”

value for your money. Center city. Clean and neat.

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Reviewed 24.02.2020
London, United Kingdom

“The Absolute Best”

I am a big fan of Citizen M hotels in any case, having over the years stayed in this location, Amsterdam and all 3 London hotels, but my latest experience in Rotterdam inspired me to leave a review.

The ethos at Citizen M might not be for everyone, but for me the laid back, friendly atmosphere is so much more welcoming than other similarly styled hotels.

Yes it's modern and funky, the beds and pillows are some of the most comfortable I've ever experienced, and they're generally in great locations, but what I really love is that there is not an ounce of pretension or that feeling of 'trying too hard'. The staff feel like a real team, they seem happy at work, and they make you feel a part of it.

This latest trip to Rotterdam personified this ethos above and beyond any and all expectation. We ended up being stuck an extra 2 nights because of bad weather and cancelled flights. Whilst this could have been a total nightmare, instead we made the most of it, spent a fair bit of quality time in the bar there (such great vibes) and also checked out more of Rotterdam than we'd have otherwise seen, including an incredible restaurant, based on recommendations from the lovely manager Alon. They even offered us a discount on the room without any suggestion from us, simply because they knew we weren't staying by choice. This was the icing on the cake.

I really cannot recommend this hotel any more, in Rotterdam or any other location!

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