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citizenM is a hotel as much as a personality

citizenM is a mobile citizen of the world. citizenM is curious, has a passion for modern mobility, meeting new people, creating new experiences and loves to travel and explore the world. citizenM likes flexibility and loves to be surprised, not knowing what to expect. citizenM is an individual and likes to be treated as one.

meet citizenM

in what ways are we different?

We love diversity, giving everyone the opportunity to learn, develop and grow as a professional as well as an individual. We see no difference in gender, religion, ethnicity, orientation or age. We don't even think it is important that you have industry knowledge and experience.

friendly and open

citizenM communicates in a friendly and open way and comes across as personal, good humoured, warm and stylish. Of course citizenM speaks several languages, is open minded and has a modern outlook. citizenM has a natural interest in other people, pays attention to their needs and has good manners, treating everyone with respect and understanding.

interact with others

citizenM loves to interact with others and is an active member of the community online and offline. Above all citizenM makes you feel at ease.

passionate and energetic

citizenM is passionate and energetic, looking for ways to excel. citizenM likes things to be efficient and loves speed and modern technology.

flexibility and multi-tasking

citizenM loves flexibility and multi-tasking and does not like to stick to the same routine every day.

learn and grow

citizenM does not want to be in a stiff office but loves a casual flat organization on which you can rely. A professional citizenM wants to learn and grow, developing new skills. citizenM is mobile. Free to go whenever, always on the go wherever.


citizenM likes to be up-to-date by surfing the internet for what’s new in technology, the best places in town to eat, shop or club. citizenM is worldly wise and receives daily news shot via online newspapers.

art and modern design

citizenM has a special interest in art and modern design and looks for ways to afford it.


Above all, citizenM loves to make you smile.